Taylor Leary: Certified Financial Planner


Taylor Leary is a Certified Financial Planner at Presidential Wealth in Denver, Colorado.  Taylor is also a Husband, Father, Writer, Athlete, and Podcaster.  Taylor and I have a fun, light-hearted, and very informative conversation.  We discuss topics which included:  The importance of taking calculated risks in finances and in life, mindful wealth, the value/importance of our mindset, the reality that the path forward isn’t always straight, the importance of family, fitness, and structure.  And of course, MUCH more!  Enjoy!


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Jourdan Baldwin: Fitness Trainer, Entrepreneur, Content Creator, and Coach


Jourdan Baldwin is a powerful spirit who has a passion to help others find out how strong they are.  Jourdan is not only a personal trainer, but she is also an influencer, entrepreneur, content creator, coach, and wife.  Jordan and I talk about a variety of topics including:  Her experience living and working in the Middle East, the importance of stillness, paralyzing fear, her lack of interest in physical fitness as a youth, her journey to become a personal trainer, and of course, much more!  Make sure you follow Jourdan on Instagram, along with checking out her app, Gymquickie!  Enjoy!


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Jessica Christin: Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Creator of Liberated Woman Method

Jessica Christin is the founder of Liberated Woman Method, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Health Coach, Podcaster, and Core Yoga Instructor.  Jessica recently went “all in with” her passion to help and serve others through nutrition and lifestyle, leaving her “normal” career to start her own business.  Jessica is a beautiful spirit full of positive energy, insight, and wisdom.  Jessica and I dig deep in our conversation and cover topics including: Singleness, being an entrepreneur, the importance of communication in life, nutrition, the comparison trap, and of course, much more!  Enjoy!

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Martin Lavine: Owner of Push Gym (Denver, Colorado)

Marty Lavine is the owner of Push Gym in Denver, Colorado.  Marty and I have a great conversation covering a variety of topics.  We dig deep into his backstory and talk a lot about his younger years trying to find himself.  Marty battled through some dark times in his youth, but eventually graduated from physical therapy school and opened Push Gym.  Marty is an awesome dude with a kind and gentle spirit.  You will enjoy this conversation!

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Kari Sullivan: Personal Trainer and Entrepreneur

Kari Sullivan is the owner of 303 Fitness in Boulder, Colorado.  She is an amazing and beautiful spirit, full of positive energy, power, and love.  Kari and I have a very open and deep conversation that covers a variety of topics.  We dig deep into her back story, as well as discuss training, nutrition, self-examination, and of course, much more!  You will thoroughly enjoy this conversation!

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Jeremy Anton Anderson: Founder of Shift Real Estate & Team Rider for Weston Backcountry

Jeremy and I have a DEEP conversation about a variety of topics.  One of our topics that we cover in this episode of the 127 Fit Podcast is ancestral change.  This is a fascinating topic and is only understood by those who have done serious personal work, in which Jeremy has.  Other topics covered in this episode include: Fatherhood, writing, valuing people, morning routines, real estate, the power of the outdoors, and of course, much more!  Jeremy is full of wisdom and life experiences, you will thoroughly enjoy our conversation!

Alex McMahon: Founder of Evolve Nutritional Therapy

Alex McMahon is the founder and owner of Evolve Nutritional Therapy.  Alex and I have an awesome conversation covering a VARIETY of topics which include: Nutritional philosophy, Nutritious movement, Alex’s early years, being a pre-school teacher, the importance of sleep, and of course, much more!  Enjoy!

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