Matt Shakir: Peak Performance & Business Coach

Matt Shakir is a peak performance & business coach, as well as the owner of Yodogyoga Straps.  Matt has had great corporate and financial success in his life, but found himself empty at a certain point during his corporate climb.  In our conversation, Matt and I discuss a variety of topics pertaining to, life, business, entrepreneurship, happiness, impacting people’s lives, perspective, networking, going inward, and of course, much more!  If you are looking for some life strategies to get yourself focused and moving in your right direction, this episode is for you!  Enjoy!


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Derek Videll: Host of the Instagram Marketing Secrets Podcast

Derek Videll is the host of the Instagram Marketing Secrets Podcast.  He is also a 6-figure E-Commerce Seller.  Derek is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things social media, specifically Instagram.  In this episode of the 127 Fit Podcast, Derek and I dive deep into Instagram.  We discuss a wide variety of topics that pertain to Instagram including:  Branding, hashtags, the importance of valuable content, quality over quantity, fitness account IG mistakes, impacting others, and of course, much more!  This episode is jam packed with knowledge, insights, hacks, and everything else you want in terms of Instagram, you will thoroughly enjoy this one!


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Brittany Bock: Former Pro Soccer Player, Mentor, Coach, Speaker, & Massage Therapist

Brittany Bock is a former professional soccer player and 2x All-American at Notre Dame.  She is currently a mentor, coach, speaker, and massage therapist.  Britt has also had 11 surgeries throughout her soccer playing days.  She has had to overcome many obstacles to be where she is at currently.  Britt and I have an awesome conversation in which we dive into her backstory and the ups and downs of her life journey up to this point.  We also discuss:  Faith, resiliency, identity, mindset, and what sets Britt’s soul on fire.  Britt brings the energy for this podcast conversation, you will be encouraged, inspired, and motivated after you’re done listening to this one!  Enjoy!


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Paige Butler: Doctor of Physical Therapy, Owner of Anytime Fitness Rockrimmon & Anytime Fitness Monument

Episode 50 of the 127 Fit Podcast is HERE!  I couldn’t think of a better individual to have as my guest for the 50th episode then Paige Butler!  Paige is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, the owner of Anytime Fitness Rockrimmon (Colorado Springs) and Anytime Fitness Monument in Monument Colorado.  Paige is also a former division I soccer player and she is a certified personal trainer.  Paige has an awesome story!  We chop it up at Anytime Fitness Rockrimmon and discuss a variety of topics which included:  Dealing with the loss of family members, growth mindset, Paige’s biggest influence in life, doing what you feel, and of course, much more!  Paige is a Rockstar, you will thoroughly enjoy this episode!


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Christine Danitz: Music Teacher & Personal Trainer

Christine Danitz is a music teacher and personal trainer.  Her passion in life is to teach women how to:  Find food freedom, ditch dieting forever, and to love their lean dream body.  Christine is an energetic, fun, and powerful spirit.  Her and I have an awesome, energy packed conversation covering a variety of topics which included:  Consistency, mindset, self-awakening, teaching, striving to be the best version of self, and of course, much more!  Enjoy!


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Adam Bonilla: Head Coach & Nutritionist at Team Elite Physique

Adam Bonilla is the head coach and nutritionist at Team Elite Physique.  He has been the NPC’s trainer of the year for Colorado.  He has lead his Team Elite Physique athletes to 33 team championships, and coaches some of bodybuilding’s best athletes in the world.  Adam and I have a great conversation in which we talk about his earlier years, how he got into lifting weights and fitness, pitfalls of social media, hard work, and of course much more!  Enjoy!


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Andy Brinkman: Program Director at UpaDowna

Andy Brinkman is the program director at UpaDowna, a non-profit organization that strives to get individuals into the outdoors.  Andy is also an EMT at UC Health in Colorado Springs, he is a landscape & adventure photographer, and last but not least, Andy is an outdoor enthusiast who has a passion for the mountains.  Andy and I have a great conversation covering a variety of topics which include:  The importance of exploration within life as a child and as an adult, the importance of not being afraid to change, human connection, being of service to others, the pull of the mountains, and much more!  Enjoy!


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