Held Back

I will not be held back.  I will not be held back.  I will not be held back.  I will not be held back.  I will not be held back by my fear.  I will not be held back by the fear of what other’s may think about me.  I will not be held back by the fear of the opinions of others.  I will not be held back by the fear of what others may say or are saying about me.  I will not be held back by the fear of others, AT ALL.  I will not be held back by the fear of another individual.  EVER.  We are ALL equal.  We are ALL human.  We are All flawed.  We All have struggles.  We All make mistakes, daily.  We All fall short.  I will run my race.  I will run my race focused on the course before me.  I will run my race the best way I know how.  Relentlessly.  Patiently.  Consistently. Humbly.  No other person is going to effect my race.  I will not allow myself to lose focus.  I will not allow myself to become distracted.  I will not allow others to distract me.  I will run my race with everything I have.  I will grab those along the way who have stumbled, fallen, and are hurt.  I will bring them along.  I will run fearlessly.  I don’t care.  I will not be held back.  I will not quit.  I will destroy my fear.  I will lead others from the bondage of fear.  I control my thoughts.  I control my actions.  My life, is my choice.  Fear will not win.

You Don’t Know

You don’t know, if you don’t try.  You will never know, if you never attempt.  Allow yourself to try.  Allow yourself to attempt.  Allow yourself to fail.  Allow yourself to succeed.  Allow yourself to learn.  Allow yourself to grow, mature, and become better.  Allow yourself to be vulnerable.  Real.  Raw.  Authentic.  What burns inside of you?  What excites you?  What consumes your thoughts?  I challenge you, I encourage you, to run toward your fire.  To run toward your passion.  You and I, we literally have nothing to lose, even if we have everything to lose.  Life is all temporary.  We  get one shot.  One opportunity.  That’s it.  Why not live this opportunity fully?  Fearlessly?  Boldly?  Aggressively?  Live the life that is burning inside of you!

The Crowd

When you follow the crowd, you die by the crowd.  Is it important to have connection with others?  I believe so.  We need connection.  We need interaction with others.  We need community.  But, we also need to be cautious.  We need to be aware.  We need to know who we are as an individual.  Otherwise, we easily get sucked into other people’s thoughts, beliefs, and stupidity.  We get sucked into the ease, the comfort of just following.  We get lost in the crowd.  We then, lose sight of who we are, who we are to be, and who we are to become.  We have no individual identity.  No foundation.  No direction.  Lost in the crowd, we end up wasting a life.  Our life.  We eventually end up dead in the crowd of the average.  Our memory is swept away.  RESIST THE PULL, INTO THE CROWD.

The Peaceful Warrior (Vegan MMA Fighter Caleb Crump)


The Peaceful Warrior shares his journey from wrestling to MMA


I have wasted so much time in my life.  I have wasted so many opportunities.  It is frustrating to think about.  I hate wasting time.  I hate being unproductive.  I hate laziness.  But so often,  I have allowed myself to waste time.  I have allowed myself to be unproductive, and have allowed myself to indulge in laziness.  I can’t blame someone else.  I can’t neglect the truth, reality.  I have to take responsibility for my life, my decisions, and my actions.  I don’t want to live a wasted life.  Honestly, this is a great fear of mine.  That I would waste what God has given me.  That I would waste the time, opportunities, and gifts that I have been entrusted with.  Each day, I need to be focused.  Prepared.  Disciplined.  Each day, I need to do what I know I need to do.  Each day, I need to do the little things.  Each day I must resist the pull to be unproductive, lazy, and satisfied with a comfortable life.  Each day, I must relentlessly be the man I know I was created to be.  Each day, I must push myself beyond myself.  I must push myself into the hard, uncomfortable, difficult.  I must let go of myself, each day.

You Choose

You choose the direction your life is going to go.  You choose who you will be today.  You choose how you respond.  How you react.  You choose how you will treat others.  You choose what thoughts you will allow to take residence within your mind.  You choose what words you speak.  You choose how hard you work.  You choose the effort you put forth each day.  You choose what you eat.  You choose whether or not you train your physical body.  You choose whether or not you train your spirit.  You choose to love, or not to love.  You choose who you surround yourself with.  You choose who you allow to influence your decisions,  your choices.  You choose easy, or hard.  You choose comfort, or discomfort.  You choose to learn.  You choose to listen.  You choose to live a life of regret, or a life of overflowing fullness.  You choose the path your feet will walk.  You choose the direction your life is going to go.

Listen. Learn. Love. Live

Listen.  Learn.  Love.  Live.  This life is meant to be lived.  Fully.  Passionately.  Extremely.  We only have one opportunity, one shot at this life.  In order to live a full life, one must embrace the need to listen.  Learning to listen, knowing how to listen, is the key that unlocks the door to a full, passionate, and extreme life that is worth living.  When you listen, you provide yourself with the opportunity to learn.  When you learn, when you begin to learn, and continue to learn, you understand, love, is the greatest lesson.  Love is the greatest gain.  Love is the greatest gift one can give, and receive.  Love never fails.  You listen.  You learn.  You begin to love.  You truly, begin to live.  Fully.  Passionately.  Extremely, a life worth living.