Why do you want to try to be like someone else?  I found myself often in my youth trying to be like someone else.  I would try to dress, talk, and act like other people.  For one reason or another, I would want to be someone different from who I was.  I attribute a lot […]


  Motivation is fickle.  Motivation comes and goes.  Motivation is based off of feelings, emotions, and other factors that are unreliable, unstable, inconsistent.  Motivation generally comes through external pressures or prodding.  Some days we may be motivated, some days not.  If we rely on motivation, we will not reach our full potential.  I want my […]

Book Review #2 (Die Empty)

I am generally not a fan of business books or self-help type books.  I definitely never seek these type of books out and am never really interested in reading them for that matter.  So, for me to have ever thought about reading a book under these headings, the book would have had to of been something […]