Don’t Quit

Keep going.  Keep moving forward.  Continue to take one step in the right direction each day.  Don’t give up.  Don’t quit.  You never know what today may bring.  You never know what may be around the next turn, around the next corner, through that next door.  Life ebbs and flows.  Yes, we will experience difficulties, struggles, unexpected heartaches, but we will also experience victories, celebrations, and will have so many opportunities to positively impact others.  We have to face today.  Accept what today holds.  Embrace today.  We must learn to go with the flow.  To allow what will be, to be.  No matter what the day may bring forth, we have to keep pressing on.  Continue to grind.  Continue to learn, apply, and grow.  We have to continue to share.  Continue to explore.  Continue to love.  Live boldly.  Live authentically.  Be you.  Don’t quit!

Given to Give

This life is not about you.  This life is not about me.  This life is about others.  Life is about helping others.  Life is about building others up.  Life is about listening to others.  Life is about loving others.  Life is about giving to others, what you have been given.  Each of us have been given specific gifts, talents, and abilities.  Each of us are beautifully different.  We all have a uniqueness that adds to the color of life.  We all have something to add to this world.  We all have value to add to this life.  We have been given to give!  In order for us to give what we have been given, we need to know who we are, we need to know what we have been given, to give.  Take the time to self-examine, self-reflect.  SLOW DOWN.  Take a step back.  Who are you?  What is your identity?  What is your life foundation?  What fire burns within you?  What excites you?  Where are you going?  In order to help others, you first have to help yourself.  In order to understand others, you have to understand yourself.  In order to give to others, you have to know and accept what has been given to you.


Don’t put off what can be done today.  We always think we have next time, the next day, the next week, so on, and so forth.  We like to put things off.  We like to avoid the reality of what is right in front of us.  What needs to be taken care of, or accomplished, NOW.  We procrastinate.  It’s easier.  It can become addicting.  It is an addiction.  Procrastination is an addiction.  It becomes who we are, what we do.  Procrastination is a trap.  It is the easy way out.  Or so we think.  Procrastination in actuality, isn’t an out.  Eventually, what we procrastinate on, will have to be done, will have to be accomplished, will have to be taken care of.  When we procrastinate, we push things down the line, to a later date.  And again, eventually, that later date comes.  We create a mountain of things we could have done, but didn’t.  We find, we don’t have enough time to climb the mountain.  We get stressed, frustrated, angry, irritable, and we look for others to blame.  The procrastination has become a giant mess.  A mess, too big to clean up all at once.  We fail.  We lose.  We fail to do what we said we would do.  We fail to be the example.  We fail others, our co-workers, spouses, friends, and ourselves.  Others lose trust in us, we lose credibility, we lose relationships and even jobs.  Procrastination will destroy your life.  It will erode your foundation, causing everything to fall apart.  We have to break-free from procrastination.  We have to break- free from the easy way, break- free from laziness.  We need to realize the destructiveness that procrastinating can and will bring into our lives.  Then, we need to have the discipline, fortitude, strength, and the heart, to do what we know needs to get done, TODAY!  We need to accept the power of delayed-gratification into our life.  We need to fight our natural desires and instincts.  The natural desire and instinct to take the easy route, to be lazy, to procrastinate.  We have to be focused, stay focused, on today.  Focused on doing what needs to get done, today.  Focused on being who we need to be, today.

Entrusted Gifts

I don’t want to waste my life.  I don’t want to waste the gifts that have been entrusted to me.  This is the fuel that keeps the fire burning within me.  I don’t want to waste anything that has been given to me.  NOTHING.  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  I know it is so easy to slack off, so easy to let up, so easy to slip into, give into, laziness.  It’s so easy to take this life for granted, so easy to take the gifts we have been entrusted with, for granted.  It’s so easy to become complacent, to allow mediocrity to rule our lives.  So easy to waste time, gifts, and opportunities.  We have to fight!  We have to realize what God has given us!  The gifts, the talents, the abilities.  The breath to breathe today, to live today, to serve today.  TODAY is a gift.  This life is a GIFT.  We must fight the natural pull, the natural tendency to live comfortable.  We must fight the natural pull to let our guard down.  This life is so very short!  There are no promises, no guarantees.  We must live relentless.  We must take our entrusted gifts and refine them, work on them, use them!  Use them to help others.  To build others up.  Be thankful for what you have.  Be thankful for what has been entrusted to you.  Live life fully.  Put in the work.  Change lives!


So many people are stuck.  Stuck in the past.  Stuck in how it used to be.  Who they used to be.  So many people are stuck in this life.  They are going nowhere.  They are accomplishing nothing.  Their life is empty.  Meaningless.  Dead.  There is no substance.  There is no purpose, passion, or enthusiasm.  People have no foundation.  They live to just make it through “another” day.  There is no growth.  No maturity.  No learning.  Stuck people are delusional.  Many think they are good.  They have it together, all figured out.  They don’t.  Their pride has blinded them.  Their pride has stunted their ability to grow, change, adapt.  They think they know.  They rest in what they have done, who they used to be.  Stuck.  Stuck in the past.  Stuck within themselves.  Stuck in the comfort of what they have always done, been, and known.  I have been around so many of these people, stuck people.  I have family members who are stuck.  Co-workers who are stuck.  It is a scary place to be.  It is a scary thing to witness, to watch.  Someone who lives stuck.  Someone who doesn’t recognize they are living stuck, wasting their life.  The majority of people in this life are, in fact, stuck.  It is a very few who are not.  I fear becoming stuck.  I fear becoming blinded by my own pride, my own arrogance, my own comfort.  No one is above this.  No is above becoming stuck.  Above the comfort of their pride.  God help us please!  I never want to live comfortable.  I never want to live prideful.  I never want to allow myself to become stuck.  It is a constant fight.  A daily battle.  Each and every day we must force ourselves beyond ourselves.  Force ourselves into the uncomfortable.  The fearful.  The difficult.  You can’t become stuck in the past, if you are constantly challenging the future.  Constantly challenging yourself.  You won’t become stuck if you allow yourself to learn.  If you allow yourself to be tested.  If you allow yourself to let go.  Life is not about you.  Life is about others.  Life is an opportunity to serve, love, and positively impact others.  An opportunity to encourage others, challenge others.  Build others up.  Life is about living.  Living full.  Living today.  Living in the present.  Focused on the present.  Where are you today?  Where is your mind?  Your heart?  Your soul?  Are you stuck?  Are you blind?  Are you alive?  Do you even care?  Wherever you are, you have put yourself there.  You have chosen.  It is your choice.  You can always change.  What will you choose?

Talk is Cheap

Nobody cares about what you say.  Talk is cheap.  Everyone is talking.  Everyone has something to say.  People give their opinions, even when they have no opinion to give.  Talk is an addiction.  People are addicted to talking.  Addicted to hearing themselves talk.  Our culture pays people to talk.  We pay to listen to people talk.  It is CRAZY!  Words.  Words.  Words.  Empty, unprofitable words.  Most people have no clue what they are saying.  They just spew.  Talking is easy.  It is natural.  It’s what we do.  It’s what we get rewarded for from a very young age.  Literally, people celebrate our first word.  Our first words.  We are rewarded, applauded for speaking.  Scary.  Words have meaning, obviously.  They can be powerful.  Helpful.  Talk has its place.  The problem is, talk without action is waste.  Words are weakened absent action.  People want to see who you are by your life lived, not by the words you speak.  Talk is easy.  Taking action is hard.  Doing, being, is hard.  Living a life of doing, being, is powerful!  Allowing your life to speak rather than your words is uncommon.  Different.  Refreshing.  I want to be a man of action.  A man of doing.  Of being.  A man who lives a loud, full life.  A life that leads.  We desperately need men and women who lead by their lives, and not their words.  We desperately need parents, teachers, and coaches, who are willing to set aside their agendas, and are willing to lead our youth.  The next generation.  We need people to shut up, and lead by living, NOT talking!