This Past Year (Wal-Mart Included)

Be open.  Be willing.  Be open to change.  Be willing to change.  Be open to explore.  Be willing to learn.  Be open to struggle.  Be willing to grow.  A little over a year ago, God opened the door for me to move from Iowa to Colorado, Colorado Springs to be specific.  What an amazing year it was!  What an amazing adventure it has been!  There have been so many ups and downs out here since I moved, to say the least.  Any time there is a significant move in life, to a new town or city, there will be an adjustment period.  I definitely went through, and experienced that!  When I moved to the Springs, I transferred out here through Wal-Mart.  Thankfully, I had the opportunity to do so, Wal-Mart helped pay the bills!  But, Wal-Mart was most certainly, NOT, the job or career I wanted!  It had to do though.  And it did.  God taught me many invaluable life-lessons through my season at Wal-Mart.  Lessons I am so thankful I learned.  Lessons that will be with me until the day I die.  Lessons that have, and will continue to help me navigate through this crazy thing, called life!  As the first year in Colorado wore on, things began to change.  God took me from one season into another.  He began to open beautiful doors and opportunities for me that only He could.  I continued to learn, grow, and gain experience.  So awesome!  So thankful!  God truly is, GOOD!  None of this would have happened though, if I were not willing.  If I was stuck.  Closed-off.  So often, I see people going through the motions within their life.  They have no vision, no passion, no direction, no fire.  They are just living to live.  There is no learning.  No applying.  No changing.  No growing.  Who’s fault is this?  Their fault!  The individual’s fault!  If you want to experience a full life, if you want to experience the fullness of what God has for you, YOU, have to be open.  YOU, have to be willing.  Ultimately, you have to step out by faith.  Step out into the unknown, into the dark, into the places and areas you may not necessarily want to go!

The Man in the Arena

The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena.  You have two choices in life.  Choice one: Participate.  Choice two: Spectate.  You can attack life, you can chase after your goals, dreams, and aspirations.  Or, you can sit back and allow life to pass you by.  Allow your goals, dreams, and aspirations to fade, and eventually die out.  I don’t want the latter.  I fear the latter.  I don’t want to be associated with the majority, the normal.  Associated with those who waste their life.  I want to be a man who is constantly in the arena.  Constantly pursuing the difficult, the hard, those things my mind and body resist.  I want to be a man in pursuit of his dreams.  A man who captures his dreams.  A man who fulfills his dreams.  I want to be a man who uses the gifts, talents, and abilities he has been given.  I want to use them to challenge others, strengthen others, and lead others.  I don’t know what tomorrow may bring.  I don’t know what this next week may bring.  I don’t know where I will be in a year from now.  But TODAY, I WILL be a man in the arena.  TODAY, I WILL be a participant in this game called life.  TODAY, I WILL attack my fears, my worries, my anxieties.  I WILL pursue my goals, dreams, and aspirations.  TODAY, I choose to be different.  I choose to enter into the arena.  TODAY,  I choose to be a man, in the arena of life!

Be a Leader, Today

If you want to be a leader, why don’t you lead today?  If you want to be an example, why not be an example, today?  If you want to influence and positively impact others, why not start today?  If you consider yourself a candidate for leadership, to be an example, an influencer type, an impactful person, then you don’t start when you reach a certain status or work your way up to a certain title, you start TODAY!  Being a leader, in fact, starts with YOU!  It starts RIGHT NOW!  If you cannot lead yourself, you will never be able to effectively, impactfully, lead others.  Being a leader, is so much more than a status or title.  It is so much more than being the most knowledgeable or highest educated.  Being a true leader, a real leader, an influencing, impactful, life-changing leader, is to first and foremost be an example.  To be THE example.  A real leader lives a life of leadership.  A real leader leads at all times, when others are around, and when nobody is around.  A real, true leader, understands the importance and power in living a life as THE example, the standard, the model.  People will only listen to, and follow a talker, a hypocrite, a fraud, for a short time.  If a leader does not set the example, is not THE example, doesn’t practice what they preach, people will not allow that person to lead them.  People will eventually, revolt.  Being a leader is a lifestyle.  It is a moment by moment choice.  You choose to lead.  You choose to be a leader.  You choose to be THE example.  Whether others recognize and acknowledge you as a leader, is absolutely insignificant.  If you know you are a leader, then LEAD!  Live the life you know you are supposed to live!  Be who you know and want to be!  Never wait for external forces, external influences, to approve what and who you are to be.  Do what you are to do!  Be who you know you are to be!  Lead yourself today.  Get yourself squared away, today.  Be someone to follow, today.  Live the life of a leader, today.  Be THE example, the standard, today.  Be faithful in the little, TODAY!  Be the person you want others to be, TODAY!  Being a leader starts with you, it starts today, it starts, RIGHT NOW!  LEAD!

The Fire Within

We all have passion.  We all have a fire within.  For some, the fire burns fiercely.  For others, the fire is but a smolder.  Passion is the fire.  Passion is the driver of an amazing life.  Passion is the force that will sustain you through life’s darkest days.  We need passion.  We need our fire to burn strong, to burn bright.  We need to allow our passion freedom.  We need to allow our fire freedom.  The freedom to burn.  The freedom to burn as it desires.  Our fire needs to be fed.  Our fire needs to be cared for.  We need to allow our fire to impact us, so in turn, we can impact others.  What is your life’s passion?  What is the fire that burns within you?  Who are you?  What do you stand for?  What do you live for?  Fight for?  The majority of people cannot answer these questions.  The majority of people have no clue.  No idea.  They don’t know who they are.  What their life is all about.  The purpose.  The meaning.  The reason.  For most,  life is a grind.  A daily grind.  A burden.  There is no fire.  No passion.  No direction.  Life is just life.  It is what it is.  There is so much beauty within life.  There is so much opportunity within life.  But you have to be willing to experience the beauty.  You have to be willing to see and seize the opportunity.  You need to find your passion.  You need to spend time alone.  Thinking.  Searching.  Exploring.  Dreaming.  You need to find your fire.  Feed your fire.  Allow your fire to burn.  Without passion, you will never truly live.  Without the light from the fire, you will never truly see.  You have purpose within.  You have passion within.  You have meaning within.  You have a fire within.  There is so much more to life than just, simply, “living.”  Take the time.  Put in the work.  Be patient.  Be willing.  Be open.  Be willing and open to receive.  Your passion awaits discovery.  The fire awaits your arrival.  It is time.  Past time.  Step into your destiny.  Step into your purpose.  Step into your passion.  Allow the fire within to engulf your being.  Begin to live a life passionately, ON FIRE!


Attack fear.  Run towards fear.  What scares you?  What causes anxiety within your heart?  Deep within your soul?  What is holding you back from pursuing your dreams?  FEAR.  Fear cripples.  Fear hinders.  Fear prevents.  Fear controls.  Fear destroys.  More often than not, fear is just simply a figment within our imagination.  Something we believe to be true or real, but in reality, is not.  The fear that causes so much distress within our lives, is often something we have made up.  Fear has no value, unless you give it value.  Fear can do nothing to you, unless you allow it.  Fear is certainly a powerful force.  Fear is natural.  It is even necessary at times, but to allow fear to control you, to allow fear to hinder you, to allow fear to prevent you from becoming the individual you are meant to become, is ABSURD!  Fear is powerless apart from people.  Fear needs a host.  Someone or someones to allow it to grow, mature, and fester.  Someone who will allow it to have the power it so desperately craves.  How do you overcome fear?  How do you overcome anxiety, nervousness, and all that which is holding you back?  You ATTACK!  You have to attack the fear, the anxiety, the nervousness!  You have to go directly at them.  Face them, head on!  Pursue them!  You have to be willing to fail.  You have to be willing to succeed.  Whatever scares you, whatever creates that fear within you, you have to attack, in order to prove, this fear, these fears, are nothing!  They truly have no control or power over you, UNLESS, YOU, allow them!  Don’t live a life under the influence and or control of fear.  Don’t allow fear to alter your journey.  Your destination.  To alter the path you are supposed to be walking down, to get to your destination.  Face fear.  Face your fears.  Attack them.  Prove their insignificance.  Their non-existence.  No one can face your fears, destroy the power of your fears, for you.  This is your fight.  Your battle.  You have to choose whether you will serve fear, or make fear serve you!  Attack fear.  Run towards fear.  You WILL win.  You WILL breakthrough.  You WILL become who you were supposed to become!  ATTACK!

Entrusted Gifts

I don’t want to waste my life.  I don’t want to waste the gifts that have been entrusted to me.  This is the fuel that keeps the fire burning within me.  I don’t want to waste anything that has been given to me.  NOTHING.  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  I know it is so easy to slack off, so easy to let up, so easy to slip into, give into, laziness.  It’s so easy to take this life for granted, so easy to take the gifts we have been entrusted with, for granted.  It’s so easy to become complacent, to allow mediocrity to rule our lives.  So easy to waste time, gifts, and opportunities.  We have to fight!  We have to realize what God has given us!  The gifts, the talents, the abilities.  The breath to breathe today, to live today, to serve today.  TODAY is a gift.  This life is a GIFT.  We must fight the natural pull, the natural tendency to live comfortable.  We must fight the natural pull to let our guard down.  This life is so very short!  There are no promises, no guarantees.  We must live relentless.  We must take our entrusted gifts and refine them, work on them, use them!  Use them to help others.  To build others up.  Be thankful for what you have.  Be thankful for what has been entrusted to you.  Live life fully.  Put in the work.  Change lives!