Functional Thought

How do you think?  What do you allow into your thought process?  Where do you allow your mind to go?  What thoughts are you allowing to control your actions?  Your life?  Thought is powerful.  The mind is powerful.  Words are powerful.  We are what we think.  We become what we think.  We view others through the lenses of our thoughts.  We view the world, through the lenses of how we think, what we allow to congregate within our minds.  The way we live our lives, is a direct reflection of the way in which we think.  How we act, behave, respond, are all the fruit of the labor within our thoughts.  Many people, the majority of people, are enslaved to the wrong thoughts.  They are enslaved to negative thoughts.  Non-functional thoughts.  The majority of people, have no discipline of mind.  No understanding of the power of their thinking, the power of their thoughts.  People are negative, because they think negative.  People live defeated, because their thoughts are defeated.  People act out, because they have a mind that has become poisoned, it is toxic.  I have discovered within my 31 years, the necessity of functional thought, functional thinking.  Functional thought, is simply, thinking in such a way in which I only allow productive, useful, valuable thoughts to remain within my life.  These thoughts will help me become who I want to become, the person I was created to become.  I have full control over my mind, my thoughts, and the way I think.  I, and I alone, dictate the thoughts within my mind.  Functional thought, is a lifestyle, a way of life, a way of thinking, a way to set yourself up for self-success.  Functional thought is setting your mind in the right direction, and then, having the discipline, the fortitude, to move your mind each day, in that set direction.  Functional thought produces results.  It will ALWAYS produce results.  It creates a pathway for intentional thinking.  It allows one to efficiently, and effectively, pursue their best version of self.  Today is an opportunity to change your mind.  To change your thinking, to change your thought process.  Today is an opportunity to make a u-turn.  Be open.  Be willing.  Step into the unknown, step into the uncomfortable, take control of your mind, your actions, your life.  Become functional.  Think functional.  Live functional.  Here we go!

The Fight Against Self

I have to make a conscious effort every day to take my mind and body where it doesn’t want to go.  In order to learn, to grow, to mature, and expand, I have to force myself to do what I naturally, don’t want to do.  I have to force myself to fight against myself.  I have to push myself beyond myself.  It’s some crazy stuff when you really think about!  But, it is truth.  This is the reality for those of us who want to be excellent.  For those of us who want greatness, who abhor mediocrity.  Our natural mind and body lust for comfort, ease, and the path of least resistance.  If we allowed our natural mind to dictate our days, we would never reach full potential, our full potential.  We would find ourselves merely living lives of mediocrity.  Comfort.  Death.  The brain has to be controlled.  It has to be trained, re-wired, disciplined.  We have to choose consciously, every day, to master our brain.  To take our brain where we want it to go, NOT, allowing the brain to go where it wants to go.  The body always will follow the brain.  We must dictate our brain.  We have to drive our brain, in order to drive our body.  It is a battle.  A struggle.  A daily fight.  To constantly resist the natural, to constantly be in war with yourself, your own thoughts, feelings, and natural instincts.  This life of war against self can be exhausting.  It can be overwhelming at times.  But to attain excellence, to attain greatness, and to reach our full potential, the life of warring against self, is simply, the price for admission.  We have to realize satisfaction comes through the struggle, through the fight, through the discipline.  Satisfaction, self-satisfaction, is attained through the hard.  Doing the hard things.  Going through the process of re-training our brain and body, to pursue discomfort over comfort.


It is so vital for human beings to evolve.  It is so vital for us to continue to learn.  To continue to seek knowledge, understanding, and answers.  It is so vital for us to continue to explore, to question, to expand, to grow.  Evolution is a natural process we all should be participating in.  Life offers us so much.  So many opportunities to learn, apply, and evolve.  If you really take a step back, slow down, and think about it, life truly is all about learning.  Each situation we find ourselves in, is an opportunity to learn.  An opportunity to apply, an opportunity to win or lose, and ultimately, an opportunity to evolve.  Life isn’t just about going through the motions, trying to make it through another day in the hopes your circumstances will change at some point.  Life is a quest.  Life is a process.  Life is an OPPORTUNITY!  We have to realize life is our choice.  We choose how we will live out this life, our life.  We choose, for the most part, how our life will unfold.  You choose how you will live your life.  I choose how I will live my life.  We choose.  We choose to evolve, or, we choose to remain stuck, remain the same, day after day, week after week, year after year.  We choose to learn, we choose to seek knowledge, understanding, and answers, or, we don’t.  We choose to explore, question, expand, grow, or, we don’t.  It really is, that simple.  That straight-forward.  That black and white.  Life is all about our choices.  The outcomes within our lives, are largely a result of what we choose, what we have chosen.  We need to choose to evolve.  We need to choose to be open to learning.  Open to stepping into the uncomfortable.  Open to changing.  Don’t allow yourself to miss out on the beauty of life.  Don’t allow yourself to become calloused, bitter, and hard.  Life is so much more.  Allow yourself to evolve.  Allow yourself to love.  Allow yourself to let go when necessary.  Allow yourself to be vulnerable.  Allow yourself to become who you were created to become.  Allow yourself to step into your destiny.  Allow yourself to change the world around you!  To positively impact those who surround you!


Don’t put off what can be done today.  We always think we have next time, the next day, the next week, so on, and so forth.  We like to put things off.  We like to avoid the reality of what is right in front of us.  What needs to be taken care of, or accomplished, NOW.  We procrastinate.  It’s easier.  It can become addicting.  It is an addiction.  Procrastination is an addiction.  It becomes who we are, what we do.  Procrastination is a trap.  It is the easy way out.  Or so we think.  Procrastination in actuality, isn’t an out.  Eventually, what we procrastinate on, will have to be done, will have to be accomplished, will have to be taken care of.  When we procrastinate, we push things down the line, to a later date.  And again, eventually, that later date comes.  We create a mountain of things we could have done, but didn’t.  We find, we don’t have enough time to climb the mountain.  We get stressed, frustrated, angry, irritable, and we look for others to blame.  The procrastination has become a giant mess.  A mess, too big to clean up all at once.  We fail.  We lose.  We fail to do what we said we would do.  We fail to be the example.  We fail others, our co-workers, spouses, friends, and ourselves.  Others lose trust in us, we lose credibility, we lose relationships and even jobs.  Procrastination will destroy your life.  It will erode your foundation, causing everything to fall apart.  We have to break-free from procrastination.  We have to break- free from the easy way, break- free from laziness.  We need to realize the destructiveness that procrastinating can and will bring into our lives.  Then, we need to have the discipline, fortitude, strength, and the heart, to do what we know needs to get done, TODAY!  We need to accept the power of delayed-gratification into our life.  We need to fight our natural desires and instincts.  The natural desire and instinct to take the easy route, to be lazy, to procrastinate.  We have to be focused, stay focused, on today.  Focused on doing what needs to get done, today.  Focused on being who we need to be, today.


I am so thankful for today.  I am so thankful for God’s patience with me.  I am so thankful for the breath to breathe, right now.  I am so thankful for the freedom we have within this great country, the United States of America.  I am so thankful for a teaching career.  So thankful for physical and mental health.  I am so thankful for the abilities to run, swim, exercise, read, write, learn, and apply.  I am so thankful for a house to live in.  I am so thankful for a vehicle to drive.  I am so thankful for healthy food to eat.  I am so thankful for Colorado Springs.  This adventure I have been on over the past year.  I am so thankful for the beautiful mountains I get to see each and every day.  I am so thankful for my Mom, who is my best friend.  I am so thankful for life’s opportunities to fail, learn, succeed, and grow.  I am so thankful.  There is so much to be thankful for.  Wherever you may be within life’s journey at this moment, be thankful.  Be open.


I don’t know what tomorrow holds.  I can’t change yesterday.  I can’t control how others will act.  What others may or may not say.  I can control myself though.  I can take care of my business, today.  Take care of what I need to do, today.  I can give today, my all.  I can take steps in the right direction, today.  I can live a positive life, today.  I can encourage others, today.  Serve others, today.  I can be disciplined, today.  Relentlessly focused, today.  I can be someone to follow, today.  Today, I can love.  Today, I can be a light.  Today, I can lead, set the example, and show others the way.  Today is here.  I WILL take advantage of today.  I WILL embrace today.  I WILL be thankful for today.

The Little Things

I am learning to do the little things.  I am learning that the little things in life, will eventually add up to become big things.  I am learning the importance and value in taking care of, performing, and doing, the little things.  More often than not, it is easy to ignore the little things in life.  It is often easy to not “do” or follow through with, the little things.  Why?  The little things are usually tedious.  They are usually difficult, and generally, those things that won’t get any recognition or applause from others.  The little things in life take time, focus, discipline, concentration, effort.  They require us to think.  They require us to give up what we want.  The little things are easily missed.  You have to look for them, be open to them, be willing to do them.  The little things are crucial.  They are a crucial component within this life.  They are the foundation.  You need a foundation.  I need a foundation.  We need the little things.  We need to do the little things.  Lay our foundation.  Build our foundation.  I have found the more I take care of the little things within my life, I am more joyful, more satisfied, more complete.  Living a life focused on the little things, is a life moving in the right direction.  A life that is becoming better.  More productive.  Doing the little things adds value for others.  Helps others out.  Builds others up.  When you do the little things, you are humbling yourself.  You lay aside your pride and ego.  By constantly doing the little things, you are refining your life.  You are choosing to put yourself in the fire.  You are ridding the impurities.  What a beautiful thing.  What a beautiful process.  The little things.  Doing the little things.  Be a person who takes care of the little things.  Be an individual dedicated to doing the little things.  Set aside your feelings, your emotions, your pride, and do what you KNOW, needs to get done.  The little things.  Everyday.  EVERY, SINGLE, DAY.  Be the leader.  Be the example.  Be someone to follow.  Be relentless.  Live life full.  Fall in love with the process.  Fall in love with the grind.  Embrace, and do, the little things.