Be Someone to Follow

Quit looking at what other people are doing, or not doing.  It doesn’t matter.  You cannot control anyone, but yourself.  Instead of complaining about others, tearing others down, and gossiping about others,  why don’t you focus your attention, energy, passion, and life, towards becoming someone to follow?  Instead of focusing on everyone and everything else, their flaws, failures, and stupidity, why don’t you focus on what you need to work on?  YOUR flaws, failures, and stupidity!?  Focus on becoming a person you want others to become.  Focus on being someone to follow.  Focus on the internal work that you need to take care of within your own personal life, rather than focusing on all the external work within other people’s lives, in which you have no control over and can do nothing about!  How about you begin today in becoming someone to follow?

Book Review #2 (Die Empty)

I am generally not a fan of business books or self-help type books.  I definitely never seek these type of books out and am never really interested in reading them for that matter.  So, for me to have ever thought about reading a book under these headings, the book would have had to of been something someone lent me, or gave me for free.  That is the case with Die Empty.  A co-worker lent the book to me.  I will have to admit, the book sat for a long period of time before I really began to dig into it.  And the only reason I began digging into Die Empty, was the fact that I had no other book to read at the time as I waited to get to the half-price book store in another state a few days down the road.  I say all of this to say, I was VERY surprised and blown away with how much I enjoyed Todd Henry’s “Die Empty.”  This book really adds value to the reader’s life.  It is more than a business book, more than a self-help book.  I would consider Die Empty a thought-provoking, thought-challenging, life-challenging book.  Todd does a great job of getting into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to live a fulfilling and satisfying life.  He does a great job of using successful people from all walks of life as examples, and starts each chapter off with a quote that sets the table for what is to come thereafter.  I think Die Empty would be a great read for anyone at any age.  From a tween to an established entrepreneur.  Die Empty offers valuable, challenging content for anyone and everyone.  Chapter 6 is titled: Step Out of Your Comfort Zone.  ANYONE who understands the power of getting uncomfortable has my ear and instant respect!  Thank you Todd for writing this book, and adding value to this world!  Keep up the great work!

Die Empty Rating: 5/5


Too often, we live lives on auto-pilot.  We live lives on cruise-control.  We live lives stuck in thoughtless rituals, routines, and ruts.  We do our best to make everything as easy as possible.  We do our best to avoid conflict of any kind, at all costs.  To avoid being challenged.  We do our best to live lives in which we don’t have to think, but instead, simply, do.  We look to others to teach us, instead of teaching ourselves.  We look to others to guide us, instead of guiding ourselves.  We look to others in order to copy them, instead of being the individual we were made to be.  We allow others to think for us, so we don’t have to.  One of the most powerful tools we possess as human beings, is our ability to think.  Sadly, many people avoid using this tool and or severely neglect using this particular tool of thinking.  Thinking, or thought, is an absolute vital, integral part within the human experience.  Thought is the catalyst to creation, expression, and individuality.  Without thinking, without the manifestation of thought, we are merely well oiled machines, robots if you will.  Our thinking, our thoughts, are what separates us from all other species.  It makes us who we are, as a collective group, and again, as individuals.  So, why do we so readily forfeit and give-up our opportunities to think?  Why do we look to others to think for us?  Why are we allowing others to determine the outcome of our life?  The answer?  Ease.  It is much easier to allow someone else to think for you.  It is much easier  to do what has always been done.  Easier to just go with the flow, like everyone else, to not rock the boat.  It’s easier to copy someone else, something else that has already been done.  To walk down a path that is well-traveled, opposed to clearing your own path and then walking down that one.  This is hard.  Thinking is hard.  wrestling with thought is hard.  Self-reflection, self-examination, is HARD!  Asking yourself challenging questions, is hard.  Being truthful and honest with your thinking, towards yourself and others is hard.  People don’t want to face the truth.  People don’t want to face reality.  People don’t want to do hard things, the difficult things.  They want auto-pilot.  The want cruise-control.  They want easy.  And so, because people choose easy over hard, easy over difficult, they choose to surrender their thinking, they choose to surrender their individuality, they choose to surrender their identity, and they choose to never become the person they were suppose to become.  They never reach their potential, they fail to supply the world with their unique gifts and talents.  They choose to live an empty, unsatisfying, unfulfilling, self-absorbed life.  A wasted life.  Don’t allow yourself to slip into a life of ease.  A life of allowing others to live your life for you.  You have thoughts  You have ideas.  You have an imagination.  You have dreams.  Allow yourself to think.  Allow yourself to create.  To express.  Don’t worry about all the extra noise around you.  Be you.  Allow yourself to be you.  Choose hard.  Choose to become the individual God created you to become.  Choose to supply this world with what you have been given!  Think.  Live.  Learn.  Grow.  Explore.  Love.

Mind Flow

Learning to control the mind is one of the most difficult endeavors one will undertake in this life.  The mind is powerful, very, very powerful.  It will destroy an individual if left unchecked.  The mind will enslave, mislead, and drive people to do things, say things, they shouldn’t.  Most people fail to harness the power of their mind.  Most people fail to realize the importance and power of their mind toward their ultimate success or failure.  We have to realize, understand, grasp, the fact, that the mind does not have to control us, but we have the ability, the capability, to control it.  Controlling the mind is work, hard work.  It takes a lot of practice, effort, and discipline.  It doesn’t happen over-night either.  This mind control process will take a life-time, it is a daily process, a daily undertaking, a daily grind.  But once you do begin to learn how to control your mind and harness its power to your advantage, you are will on your way to explosive growth as a human-being.  Once you learn to capture mind flow, and use this state to your advantage, you will be able to go beyond what you thought possible previously in your life.  Mind flow will allow you to enter into a new dimension of performance!

Podcast Review (The Rich Roll Podcast)

If you are looking for a podcast that focuses on health, well-being, and fitness, look no further than the Rich Roll Podcast.  Rich does an awesome job of bringing on guests who are intelligent, experienced, passionate, and willing to share their lives with us, the listeners!  The majority of the conversations have something related to health and or fitness, which I appreciate, because of my own personal love and passion for both.  I personally believe Rich is one of the best interviewers/podcasters in the business, he does a great job of asking great questions, peeling back the layers of people’s lives, and allowing the guests to speak.  I could listen to Rich talk/interview/podcast all day!  Speaking of all day, if you decide you are interested in checking out The Rich Roll Podcast, be prepared to be listening to an interview for a good amount of time.  The podcasts are lengthy, usually no less than an hour and a half.  Sometimes the podcasts will go past the 2 hr. mark.  But I don’t mind this at all, again, because of the fact that this podcast is more conversation rather than interview.  Also keep in mind, some of this time is dedicated to ad reads etc.  But the advertisements are not too bad, generally, Rich will put them at the beginning of the podcast, no ad interruptions in the middle of a conversation, thank goodness!  F.Y.I., Rich is a Vegan, focused on the plant powered life.  I have absolutely nothing against this type of lifestyle, but you will definitely get a strong dose of the plant powered life throughout a lot of the guests Rich has on the podcast and Rich himself, is very forth-coming with how he chooses to live and fuel  his life.  I think overall, Rich does a great job of not “pushing” the vegan life on the listener, which I appreciate, but he certainly does not shy away from who he is and what he believes in, which, again, I appreciate!  Rich is now videoing the podcast interviews which he makes available on his YouTube channel.  I love it!


Podcast Review (Cleared Hot)

The Cleared Hot podcast, hosted by retired Navy Seal Andy Stumpf, is far and away one of my favorite podcasts out there to date.  Although Andy has a long and decorated military background, this podcast is not military-centric.  There have been several guests of Andy’s who have also served in the United States military, but again, this is not generally the focus of the podcast, or the interviews.  Andy brings a ton of value and insight to the podcast through his unique life-experiences and continued focus to always do “hard things.”  Andy has a light-hearted way of presenting his humor that is enjoyable, does a great job of communicating what he wants to say clearly, and allows his guests to speak.  (You would think the latter would be obvious on an interview style podcast, but if you are a podcast junkie like me, you know too many interviewers like to hear themselves talk, rather than their guests!)  I also appreciate the laid back interview style of Cleared Hot.  There is no question agenda, no weird promotional angles, etc.  Andy simply sits down with his guests, hits record, and has conversations with them.  It makes you feel like you are the third person, just hanging out, listening to two people casually talk life.  I love it!  This is definitely a real, authentic, no BS podcast!  The only time I choose not to listen to Cleared Hot, is when the focus is on hunting.  This is nothing against Cleared Hot, Andy, or any of the hunting related guests, this is just my personal preference.  I am not a hunter, nor interested in hunting whatsoever, so I choose not to listen to these episodes.  But if you are looking for something fresh, relevant, motivating, and actionable, I highly suggest you download and listen to Cleared Hot!  Oh, I almost forgot!  The Cleared Hot intro is one of the best in the business and if you are looking to find out more about Andy, just type his name into Google!


Don’t Rest in Yesterday

Honestly, no one cares what you did yesterday.  Why?  Yesterday is gone, it’s over.  You can’t bring yesterday back.  What you did yesterday may have been good, bad, or indifferent.  But it’s all gone.  DONE.  What are you doing TODAY?  What are you going to do, TODAY?  Who are you going to choose to be TODAY?  What are you doing, RIGHT NOW?  What choices are you going to make today?  One right choice, one wrong choice, will impact the rest of your life.  Do you understand this?  You can’t let down your guard, you can’t allow complacency to set in, you can’t allow yourself to settle.  You are who you are today, who you choose to be today.  Who are you?  Who are you going to choose to be and work on becoming today?  Today is here.  NOW!  Resting in what you did yesterday has no value whatsoever.  It is a demonstration of your pride, your arrogance.  An open door to inflated ego, laziness, and selfishness.  You rest in what you did yesterday, it will become easier to do the same tomorrow, and the next day and the next.  You then slip into a dark hole, you lose yourself within that darkness, you lose the focus you need, you lose perspective.  You are finished.  You must beat down the lust to let up, to slow down, to rest in what you did yesterday.  You have to fight!  Attack right now!  TODAY!  Break through the noise, the negative noise to look back and rest.  It’s about TODAY!  This MOMENT!  Take care of your business TODAY!  Be YOU!  Be THANKFUL! FINISH!