Two Options

There are two options in life. Option 1: Quit.  Option 2: Continue.  There are so many opportunities throughout life to quit.  So many opportunities to give up, throw in the towel, stop and walk away.  Quitting is a habit.  It becomes a habit.   You quit once, you will quit again.  You quit once, it becomes easier to quit twice.  So many people are quitters.  Quitting is always an option within their life.  When things get too difficult, too intense, too complicated, too monotonous, so on and so forth, the majority of people always know that they have the option to quit.  They know that they can take the easy route.  Quitting is right in front of them.  It takes no effort to quit, to give up, to walk away from that which you have started.  We all will have opportunities to quit.  We will all have opportunities to give up.  It is the few who choose to continue.

The Easy Road

The easy road is a dead end.  People think they want easy.  People think they want comfortable.  People think they want luxury.  People don’t know.  People, most people, don’t understand the intricacies of life.  They don’t understand the dichotomy that exists between their natural cravings and the reality of living life by their cravings.  The fact that if you live this life by your natural cravings, you will be left starving to death.  There is perceived reality, and there is actual reality.  The easy road will destroy you.  The easy road will abandon you.  The easy road will kill you.  The easy road will lead you to nowhere.

The Battle

Where is your mind?  Where do you allow your mind to focus?  Where do you allow your mind to go?  You are what you think.  You act what you think.  You become what you think.  An untamed mind is deadly.  This type of mind will eventually result in your fatality, and possibly the fatality of others.  The mind needs to be harnessed.  The mind needs to be brought into subjection, controlled.  You must become the master of your mind.  The master of your thought.  The battle of life is lost, or won, within the mind.


People are delusional.  People have no concept of reality.  They are dazed.  I cannot believe how many people I come in contact with, who are blinded by their pride.  Blinded by their failure to accept their weaknesses and short-comings.  People have no objectivity.  No concept of how fragile their lives truly are.  People allow their pride, their ego, their emotions, their feelings, and the influence of others, to dictate who they are and how they live their lives.  People live their lives for the pleasure of the fleeting applause that comes from man.  People live inflated lives of self.  They have no foundation.  There is no self-reflection, self-assessment, or self-criticism.  And obviously, without the latter, people definitely have no self-discipline, self-control, or understanding of the need for delayed gratification within their life.  People are self-destructing.  People are not only destroying themselves, but they too, are handicapping and destroying the lives of their children and families.  People are so delusional, they think they know, they think they know what they are doing, but in all actuality, they are completely wasting their lives, and wasting the lives of others.


Don’t be afraid to try.  To attempt.  Don’t be afraid to go for what your mind says can’t be done.  Can’t be accomplished.  Don’t allow fear of the unknown to paralyze you.  Don’t allow fear to alter your destiny.  To alter the dreams deep within your soul.  Don’t allow fear to change who you are, who you want to become.

Every Day

Do what you know your suppose to do.  It’s that simple.  That straight-forward.  Work hard.  Every day.  Be relentless.  Every day.  Stay focused.  Every day.  Live aggressively.  Every day.  Be you.  Every day.  Finish strong.  Every day.  Prepare, be prepared.  Every day.  Remain teachable.  Every day.  Be willing.  Every day.  Be open.  Every day.  Listen and learn.  Every day.  Apply.  Every day.  Give thanks.  Every day.  Live in gratitude.  Every day.  Get your needed sleep.  Every day.  Eat clean.  Every day.  Move.  Every day.  Challenge your mind.  Every day.  Face reality.  Every day.  Embrace the process.  Every day.  Reflect.  Every day.  Look ahead.  Every day.  Live presently.  Every day.  Dream.  Every day.  Be positive.  Every day.  Deny negativity.  Every day.  Be someone to follow.  Every day.  Be an example.  Every day.  Allow your actions to speak clearly, boldly.  Every day.  Live quietly.  Every day.  Walk in humility.  Every day.  Be ready to teach.  Every day.  Share your life.  Every day.  Express.  Every day.  Explore.  Every day.  Pursue uncomfortable.  Every day.  Love those around you.  Every day.  Run your race.  Every day.  Care for yourself.  Every day.  Be a servant.  Every day.  Be real.  Every day.  Encourage.  Every day.  God is good.  Every day.  Read.  Every day.  Write.  Every day.  Do what you know your suppose to do.  EVERY DAY.  It’s that simple.  That straight-forward.  EVERY DAY.

Don’t Get Sucked In

Don’t get sucked in.  Don’t get sucked into the games of those around you.  Don’t get sucked into the ways of the world.  Don’t get sucked into the desires of your natural being.  Don’t get sucked into mediocrity.  Don’t get sucked into complacency.  Don’t get sucked into negativity.  Don’t get sucked into gossip.  Don’t get sucked into pride.  Don’t get sucked into comparing, one-upping.  Don’t get sucked into doing, just to be seen, to be recognized.  Don’t get sucked into pleasing man.  Don’t get sucked into failing to listen.  Don’t get sucked into arrogance.  Don’t get sucked into trying to be someone else.  Fight each day, to avoid getting sucked in.