Joe Buckner: Founder of Beautifully Savage

Joe Buckner is the founder of Beautifully Savage, a boxing gym in Ft. Collins, CO.  He is also a Lululemon ambassador, Father, Son, Brother, and Friend.  Joe has a powerful story that you will thoroughly enjoy listening to on this episode of the 127 Fit Podcast.  Joe has spent time incarcerated for selling drugs.  He was a dope dealer, but now is a hope dealer.  Joe’s passion is to help as many people as possible through the sharing of his story, along with his love for boxing.  My conversation with Joe is raw, real, and to the point.  Joe opens up about some personal battles he is fighting currently.  We also discuss his experience behind bars, the importance of education, legacy, how fighting solves everything, and of course, much more!  Enjoy! 


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Dr. Soyona Rafatjah: Medical Director & Co-Founder at Prime Health

Dr. Soyona is the Medical Director and Co-Founder of Prime Health in Denver, Colorado.  Dr. Soyona is a board certified family medicine physician and functional medicine expert.  Soyona takes a holistic approach to her medical care with her clients.  Soyona and I have an awesome conversation digging deep into a variety of topics.  This was my first interview with a medical doctor, and of course, this interview did not disappoint!  Soyona is a wealth of knowledge in the holistic medicine world in which I am a huge proponent of and supporter of.  Soyona and I cover a wide array of topics which included:  What is holistic medical care?  The difference between general medical care and functional or holistic medical care, the importance of balance in life, checking in with one’s self, the importance of having fun in life, and as always, much more!  Enjoy! 


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If you faint in the day of adversity, Your strength is small.  

Proverbs 24:10

Taylor Leary: Certified Financial Planner

Taylor Leary is a Certified Financial Planner at Presidential Wealth in Denver, Colorado.  Taylor is also a Husband, Father, Writer, Athlete, and Podcaster.  Taylor and I have a fun, light-hearted, and very informative conversation.  We discuss topics which included:  The importance of taking calculated risks in finances and in life, mindful wealth, the value/importance of our mindset, the reality that the path forward isn’t always straight, the importance of family, fitness, and structure.  And of course, MUCH more!  Enjoy!


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Jeremy Anton Anderson: Founder of Shift Real Estate & Team Rider for Weston Backcountry

Jeremy and I have a DEEP conversation about a variety of topics.  One of our topics that we cover in this episode of the 127 Fit Podcast is ancestral change.  This is a fascinating topic and is only understood by those who have done serious personal work, in which Jeremy has.  Other topics covered in this episode include: Fatherhood, writing, valuing people, morning routines, real estate, the power of the outdoors, and of course, much more!  Jeremy is full of wisdom and life experiences, you will thoroughly enjoy our conversation!

Stephanie Wurtz: Ultra Runner, President of Pikes Peak Road Runners, and Constant Explorer

Stephanie Wurtz is the President of Pikes Peak Road Runners, Assistant Vice President of Communications at Colorado College, an endurance athlete, community leader, along with being a constant explorer and learner.  Stephanie and I were on a bit of a tight interview schedule, but our conversation was awesome!  We touch on numerous topics including how she overcame the sudden and unexpected death of her husband, balancing a chaotic schedule, ultra running, and of course much more!  Stephanie is a bright, strong, beautiful spirit!  You will thoroughly enjoy her perspective on life!

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Joshua Stevens: Professional Ultra Runner, Army Veteran

Joshua Stevens is a professional ultra runner, Army veteran, Father, and an all around awesome dude!  Joshua and I dig deep into his military experience, lessons learned from his unique life experiences, addiction, Fatherhood, and much more!  Joshua has been invited to run in the toughest ultra race in the world, the Badwater 135!  He is also competing in the Leadville race series in 2019!  This episode is full of wisdom, insight, and thoughtful discussion.  Enjoy!

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Chris Ward: Like A Bigfoot Podcast Host, Ultrarunner, and All Around Good Dude

Chris is the host of Like a Bigfoot Podcast.  Chris’ podcast is an awesome listen for anyone who is interested in physical culture and self-improvement.  Chris is also a Husband, Dad, ultra-runner, and 7th grade science teacher.  Chris and I have a fun, relaxed conversation about a wide-array of topics.  Chris and I have a handful of things in common, including our home state of Iowa.  We start off our conversation discussing some “Iowan” things and then dive into mindset, teaching, ultrarunning, the importance of being an example for youth, and much more!  Chris is a super positive and good dude!  We had a lot of fun with this episode!  Enjoy!

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