Massage Therapist Amanda Metz

Today we welcome our first guest to the 127 Fit Podcast, Amanda Metz, a licensed massage therapist, located in Colorado Springs.  She is the owner of O’Dell Body Work, and her studio/practice can be found within CrossFit Bonnie and Clyde.  You can contact Amanda to set up a massage session through her Facebook page, @O’Dell Body Work.

Every Face

Every face has a story.

Every face has an origin.

Every face has a life to be lived.

Every face has struggle. Pain. Questions.

Every face has happiness. Joy. Something to give.

Every face has worth.

Every face has knowledge.

Every face has beauty.

Every face has an end.

Every face has a story. You get to write your story.  You get to share your story.


What is the purpose of life?  Why am I here?  Why are you here?  We live in a time like no other.  The speed at which our culture is moving and developing is unprecedented!  We are moving at a speed that is uncontrollable, unmanageable.  Definitely, unhealthy!  Each day we are inundated with information over-load, technology over-load.  We are inundated with so much temptation and distraction.  Distraction.  You are distracted.  I am distracted.  We are distracted.  We have so much, yet so little.  With all of the availability to information, education, medicine, technology, etc.  Our country as a whole, is the sickest, unhealthiest, and most uneducated it has ever been.  We are literally killing ourselves!  Imploding!  We are completely DISTRACTED!  We have lost touch, lost sight of reality.  We think we know, BUT, we don’t.  We think we have it all together, all figured out, BUT, we don’t.  We think we know what’s best for us, for our kids, BUT, we don’t.  We are lost.  Lost in pride.  Lost in the sea of distractions.  We are caught up in ourselves.  Caught up in our families.  Our careers.  Our “guilty” pleasures.  Caught up in the “next big thing.”  Caught up in distractions.  We are dieing.  We are losing.  We are being deceived.  What is the purpose of life?  Why are you here?  You don’t know, because you are distracted.


We all struggle.  We all have struggles, and go through struggles throughout our life here on this earth.  We all go through periods of great joy and satisfaction.  We all go through periods of great sorrow and pain.  No matter who you are, where you are from, or what color of skin you have, you struggle.  I struggle.  We ALL struggle.  This social-media culture we are living in is not reality.  It does not portray reality.  It is a mere highlight reel of people’s lives.  We only present the good, happy, and exciting occurrences within our lives.  We only post and allow the world to see what we want it to see.  What we want the world to know about us.  Very rarely, if ever, do we allow the world to see our struggle.  Our hurt.  Our pain.  Our anxieties.  Our fears.  Reality is, our lives are full of struggle.  Full of frustrations.  Full of questions.  Full of searching.  Whether we admit it or not, reality is reality.  We struggle.  We ALL have struggles, go through struggles.  We are human.  We are NOT perfect.  No one has it ALL figured out.  All put together.  Don’t be afraid to share.  Don’t be afraid to share your struggles.  Don’t be afraid to share your hurt.  Your pain.  Your anxieties.  Your fears.  Don’t be afraid to be real.  The real you.  The authentic you.  As you share your struggle, your story, others will relate.  Others will understand, they will be moved, inspired.  Your story may positively and powerfully impact someone else.  You never know.  You will never know if you don’t share.  Whatever you are going through today, don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed.  Don’t allow the struggle to snuff out your light, your joy, or your passion.  This to shall pass.  The end will come.  Keep going.  Keep stepping.  Continue to share.  One day at a time.  Allow your struggles to teach you.  Allow them to grow you, mature you.  Change you for the better.  Always remember, you are NOT alone.  You are NOT the first person, the only person, going through what you are going through right now.  There are others.  People are available to help, even when it seems like they are too busy.  People are available.  People actually want to help, long to help.  But YOU, you have to be willing to share, to be real, to let go of the pain.

How Do You Know?

How do you know, if you never try?  How do you know, if you never ask?  How do you know, if you never put forth the effort?  Too often in life, we allow self-manufactured fears to prevent us from succeeding.  We allow pre-conceived fears, anxieties, opinions, ideas, beliefs, prejudices, and views to hold us back.  Too often, we are the ones who stop ourselves from becoming everything we could become, experiencing all that we could experience, rather than other people.  We like to blame others, we like to blame certain situations, circumstances, or “handicaps,” for the reason why we failed or didn’t succeed.  For why we didn’t meet expectations.  We like to make excuses.  We like to avoid responsibility for ourselves.  For our inaction.  For our failure to try.  For our blatant, laziness.  This is easier.  It’s easier to live in the grey.  To live life in the middle.  It’s easier, it’s safer, and more comfortable in the middle.  When you challenge yourself, when you put yourself in difficult situations, when you allow yourself to be tested, you are vulnerable.  You are in the uncomfortable, uneasy, unsafe, unknown realm.  This realm creates a tension within the mind and body.  A tension, an anxiety, that will do anything and everything to pull you back into the grey.  The mind and body lust for the grey, for homeostasis, for comfortable.  But living a life in the grey will never produce a full life.  You will not, cannot, reach max potential as a human being, constantly living life easy, safe, and comfortable.  We need challenge.  We need difficulty.  We need to be tested.  We need to go beyond what we “think” we are supposed to, or capable of.  We need to take control of our lives, our decisions, our minds, and our bodies.  We need to get past the self-manufactured fears, the pre-conceived fears, anxieties, opinions, ideas, beliefs, prejudices, and views.  We need to ask the hard questions to ourselves, and to others.  We need to get over ourselves.  We need to let go of our pride.  Pride will blind, will hinder, and eventually hold us back.  We need to be willing to fail.  Be willing to fall.  Be willing to be embarrassed.  Be willing to be mocked.  No one is holding you back.  No one is preventing you, or stopping you.  You are holding yourself back, preventing and stopping yourself.  You are to blame.  No one else.  Nothing else.  Your life is in YOUR hands.  You choose who you are today, and who you will become tomorrow.  You choose where you will live your life, in the comfortable, or the uncomfortable.  You choose where your life will go, the path you will walk down.  How do you know, if you never…..?

Be Willing

If you always do what has always been done, you will always get the same results.  You will never reach your full potential.  You will never reach your full ability.  You will never be able to see beyond yourself.  There is so much value in being willing to try something new, and then, actually following through and doing it!  There is so much value in stepping outside your comfort zone.  Stepping outside the usual, the normal, the expected.  There is so much value in challenge.  Difficulty.  Being pushed beyond what you thought you could handle.  Don’t allow yourself to become o.k. with, satisfied with, mediocrity.  Don’t allow yourself to succumb to routine.  To succumb to the ease of doing what you did yesterday, and the day before, and the day before, and the day before.  Don’t allow yourself to become stagnant.  Self-focused.  Self-centered.  In-grown.  Test yourself.  Test your mind.  Test your body.  Test your resolve.  Be willing to fail.  Be willing to be wrong.  Be willing to succeed.  Be willing to be right.  Be willing to learn.  Be willing to grow.  Expand.  Mature.  Be willing to become better.  Be willing to step into your destiny.  Be willing to fulfill your dreams.  Be willing to positively impact others.  Be willing to change.  Be willing.