How Do You Know?

How do you know, if you never try?  How do you know, if you never ask?  How do you know, if you never put forth the effort?  Too often in life, we allow self-manufactured fears to prevent us from succeeding.  We allow pre-conceived fears, anxieties, opinions, ideas, beliefs, prejudices, and views to hold us back.  […]

Be Willing

If you always do what has always been done, you will always get the same results.  You will never reach your full potential.  You will never reach your full ability.  You will never be able to see beyond yourself.  There is so much value in being willing to try something new, and then, actually following […]


I don’t need a lot.  I don’t want a lot.  Living in a country in which excess is glorified and worshiped, honestly, makes me sick.  It is disgusting.  In the United States of America, we live for, work for, and dream for more.  More money, more recognition, more possessions.  We are always striving for more.  […]

Be Someone to Follow

Quit looking at what other people are doing, or not doing.  It doesn’t matter.  You cannot control anyone, but yourself.  Instead of complaining about others, tearing others down, and gossiping about others,  why don’t you focus your attention, energy, passion, and life, towards becoming someone to follow?  Instead of focusing on everyone and everything else, […]


Too often, we live lives on auto-pilot.  We live lives on cruise-control.  We live lives stuck in thoughtless rituals, routines, and ruts.  We do our best to make everything as easy as possible.  We do our best to avoid conflict of any kind, at all costs.  To avoid being challenged.  We do our best to […]

Mind Flow

Learning to control the mind is one of the most difficult endeavors one will undertake in this life.  The mind is powerful, very, very powerful.  It will destroy an individual if left unchecked.  The mind will enslave, mislead, and drive people to do things, say things, they shouldn’t.  Most people fail to harness the power […]

Podcast Review (Cleared Hot)

The Cleared Hot podcast, hosted by retired Navy Seal Andy Stumpf, is far and away one of my favorite podcasts out there to date.  Although Andy has a long and decorated military background, this podcast is not military-centric.  There have been several guests of Andy’s who have also served in the United States military, but […]

The Health Foundation

If you are looking to get healthier in your life, trying to figure out where to start, how to start, the following article will be an important read for you.  It is always vital to remember, that anytime we are starting something new, or we are building something from scratch, there must be a foundation […]


Don’t lose focus.  Don’t allow yourself to become distracted.  Don’t allow yourself to become lost.  Stay the course.  Continue to walk down the less-traveled path.  Continue to do the difficult things.  Ignore the noise.  Ignore the negativity.  Ignore the foolishness of those around you.  You know what you need to do.  You know who you […]

Let Go

I have to take responsibility for my life, my words, my actions, my reactions.  I have to take responsibility for my choices, my decisions, the path I decide to walk down.  I cannot control another individual’s words, actions, reactions, choices, decisions, or the path they decide to walk down.  As much as it may frustrate […]