Jennifer Jarrett: Mom, Yoga Instructor, Wellness & Empowerment Coach, Self-love Advocate, and Creator of the Choose Love Project Jennifer Jarrett is a Mother, Yoga Instructor, Wellness & Empowerment Coach, Self-Love Advocate, and the Creator of the Choose Love Project.  Jennifer and I dive deep into her story on this episode of the 127 Fit Podcast.  We discuss a variety of topics which include:  Acute suffering, choosing love, having a beginner’s perspective, love […]

Taylor Leary: Certified Financial Planner Taylor Leary is a Certified Financial Planner at Presidential Wealth in Denver, Colorado.  Taylor is also a Husband, Father, Writer, Athlete, and Podcaster.  Taylor and I have a fun, light-hearted, and very informative conversation.  We discuss topics which included:  The importance of taking calculated risks in finances and in life, mindful wealth, the value/importance […]